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What is the pinging tool? 
What is it used for?

The Ping tool is a very helpful to see whether a particular host is responsable across an IP network address. A online Ping calculate the duration it takes for packets to be sent from the local host to a other side computer and back. The Ping tool measures and records the round-cycle duration of the packet and any shortage along the way. we' Ping service offers Ping information in to display in a graphical and organized manner available directly from the ping a website Web page. This ping a website basic connectivity of domains and IP addresses. Use this tool for troubleshooting purposes and to test response times.

online ping is a  network administrtor utility used to test the reach-ability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network and to measure the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer.

Ping tool is a free web-based ping service, ping to any domain or IP address from worldwide locations and shows how long it takes for packets to reach host.

Please enter a host name or IP address (e.g. or and then click Ping button in the above form.

Why do you need Online Ping
You can always use ping from your own computer but this does not mean your server or website ( your blog ) is reachable from all over the world. With online ping tool you can send ping request to any ip or web site from various locations of the world (US, Europe and Asia currently)


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